ConsultantWe offer a selection of air filtration consulting services to help support your decision process when looking to move or install new cabinets and build rooms requiring Australian Standards compliant air filtration.

The positioning of cabinets and ventilation system ingress/egress, can have a significant impact on safety and compliance which we can assist you with. Simply moving a cabinet a short distance within a room or introducing obstacles can result in air eddies, significantly impacting the effectiveness of the rooms air filtration capabilities.

In addition we offer vendor agnostic advice to assist you with selecting the ideal cabinet for your requirements. Our advice is based on fit for purpose functionality, highlighting items we recommend should be considered as part of the decision criteria, but our recommendations do not extend to specific offerings from any particular supplier or brand.

Our range of services include:

  • Ingress egress
  • Cabinet positioning
  • Ventilation requirements
  • Compliance requirements
  • Visual airflow analysis (airflow visualisation)
  • Type of cabinet ( but stop short of  brand recommendations )
  • Help you with the decision/evaluation process

Independent Air Flow Services

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The National Association of Testing Authorities

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    Since 1989, Independent Air Flow Services have been helping a range of prominent laboratories, hospitals and health services meet and maintain Australian environment control standards.