You will be issued with a detailed analysis report at the conclusion of testing, which provides comprehensive information including: test procedures undertaken, analysis of test data and the nature of any adjustments and/or repairs made to the equipment.

You will also receive a NATA endorsed Certificate of Compliance to verify that your Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet meets Australian Standard specifications.


Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet – Test Requirement: AS2252.5

Our testing covers:

  • AS1807.1 – Average Air Velocity & Uniformity (Clause 7.2.4)
  • AS1807.5 – Work Zone Integrity (Clause 7.2.3)
  • AS1807.6 – HEPA Filter Integrity (Clause 7.2.1)
  • AS1807.15 – Lighting Intensity (Clause 7.3.4)
  • AS1807.20 – Sound Levels (Clause 7.3.3)
  • AS1807.22 – Barrier Containment (Clause 7.2.2)
  • AS1807.23 – UV Intensity (Clause 7.3.5)
  • AS1807.26 – Determination of Air Barrier Containment – Potassium Iodide Test
  • AS ISO 14644.1: 2017 Classification and air cleanliness (Particle Counts)

Independent Air Flow Services

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