To ensure that your operating theatres meet Australian Standard specifications, Independent Air Flow Services deliver a range of onsite testing and certification services.

These services include air filter testing/replacement, air change rate and room pressure differentiation measurement, airborne particle testing as well as ambient noise testing

Our testing is undertaken by dedicated and highly experienced professionals who assess all aspects relating to the safe, efficient and standardised operation of your Clean Room.

Independent Air Flow Services may also make recommendations for future action, and/or provide an individually tailored maintenance test program to help ensure that your standards are maintained.

At the conclusion our comprehensive testing, you will receive a detailed analysis report and a NATA endorsed Certificate of Compliance to verify that your operating theatres meets Australian Standard specifications.

Standards tested to:

  • AS ISO 14644.1:2017 Classification and air cleanliness
  • AS1807.6 Determination of integrity of terminally mounted HEPA filter installations.
  • AS1807.7 Integrity of HEPA filter systems not terminally mounted.
  • AS1807.10 Determination of room air differentials (Clause 5.3.7)
  • AS1807.15 Determination of luminance.
  • AS1807.16 Determination of Sound Levels

Independent Air Flow Services

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